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How social booking can help your business

List your business for free

Create your business profile and place yourself on the map to appear in local searches and recommendations made by our customers.

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Develop a community dedicated to your business

Increase your visibility with subscribers and have customers host groups at your venue.

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Let customers pair your promotions to boost sales

Create automated opportunities to cross-sell with our user generated cross-promotions.

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How to register as a Wrangle Merchant

It's easy to register, you can set up your business today in just 5 simple steps. Watch the video to see how you can become a Wrangle Merchant.

Simple, easy to manage promotions

Our self service tool is simple to use and provides flexibility for you to manage and take full control of your listings

  • Your business on the Wrangle app
  • Marketing and photography support for your business
  • No upfront listing fees
  • No commission fees
  • Build customer data with Wrangle insights

Frequently asked questions

How do I become a Wrangle Merchant?

To register as a Wrangle Merchant, please complete and submit the online form which can be found at Once you have submitted the form, our merchant hub will guide you through the verification process to get your account activated.

What types of businesses work with Wrangle?

Wrangle Merchants cover a wide range of industries and business types including the following:

  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Street Food and Pop Ups
  • Hair and Beauty
  • Cinemas and Theatres
  • Hotels and Spas
  • Leisure Activities (Art Galleries, Sports)
  • Travel

My business is a pop up shop / market stall. Can I still join Wrangle?

Yes absolutely, we would need to ensure that you have the appropriate trading licences and registrations in place. Our compliance team will review your documentation when your register as a Wrangle Merchant to make sure everything is correct before your business goes online with Wrangle.

What are the benefits of working with Wrangle?

Attract New Customers
Our customers are always looking for new places to visit, experience and recommend. By placing yourself on the app you are allowing your business to be found by an active local audience.

Grow Your Business
Your Wrangle Profile connects you with your customers and increases your online presence. It helps you to boost your footfall and revenue, making it easier for you to manage demand and online bookings.

Build Brand Loyalty
Keep your customers coming back for more by learning more about what promotions they love. You can now enable push notifications on the app so your customers can be the first to hear about your latest offers.

How does Wrangle promote my business?

The Wrangle App
Your Wrangle promotion and Company Profile is published to all our app’s users. These pages link directly to your business’s website or social media so customers can easily learn more about your business.

National Media Outlets
Wrangle connects you to new customers through social and online video advertising. For additional exposure, we also invest in search engine marketing (SEM), email marketing and other online advertising. For more information about our marketing services please visit:

I am selling a business which is already with Wrangle. Can I change the details or report a Change of Ownership?

Of course this is possible, we require a few documents to prove the change of ownership, as well as the new details of the new owner. Please contact our Change of Ownership team to start the process at

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